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There is a poised stance that could well make the market rise meteorically through technical and scientific applications in the functional foods area.
Despite limited financing, no elected political experience and an unprofessional campaign staff, Farinello has risen meteorically in the polls.
The biggest mover here is a littleknown, meteorically growing and controversial company named PayPal.
Lewis May, who, in 1889, as a boy of sixteen, had been taken by his father to one of the monthly dinners of that literary club known as the Sette of Odd Volumes at which the young and meteorically rising Oscar was the guest speaker.
For one thing, the apparently rapid growth in high-tech sales was exaggerated by the fact that Indonesia's other export earners were shrinking even more meteorically.
Sports talk radio, which has grown meteorically to 250 stations nationwide, would appear to be well suited for the role of consumer advocate.
But since then, the GIS stakes have risen meteorically.
Bucking the odds in a highly volatile, recession-stymied real estate market, Morgan Lane Marin has grown meteorically, from just $52 million in sales in 2006 to $315 million in 2008.
His own analysis begins with the City of London where the market has risen meteorically over the past few years.
It was named iTunes' "Country Song of the Year" in 2011, and grew meteorically to become the "Most Played Song" (Mediabase) at Country Radio in 2011, as well as reach the top of the Billboard Heat Seekers Chart.
Clearly written with confidence and capability, there were many flashes of the writing which has seen Alison Carr rightly rise meteorically through the ranks in the years since she won the People's Play Award in 2006, although I couldn't help feeling her talent may have been slightly diluted on this occasion.
THE FLOW of fake bank notes in the country appears to have risen meteorically in the past few months.