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BOLANO'S PRESTIGE rose meteorically after he received the Romulo Gallegos and other prizes for Los detectives salvajes.
Eva Peron used her beauty and charisma to rise meteorically from the slums of Argentina to the presidential mansion as First Lady.
Refers to A symptom of fluidity has been the relative ease by which Thai the common occurrence of party political parties meteorically switching by MPs who hold no deep form, merge, split, and burn out party loyalties.
After 1900 the Northern percentage declined precipitously while the Southern rose meteorically.
On the education of The New York Times' Arthur Ochs Sulzberger and the hauteur of the meteorically flamed out Howell Raines; on the synergies and journalistic flatness of Chicago's successful Tribune Company; on the Los Angeles Times' demolition of the famous wall that is supposed to separate business and editorial functions; on Fox News' formula for profitability (on which subject, I suppose I should disclose, I am briefly one of Auletta's talking heads); on the hype that inflated the value of an Internet bubble called Inside.
Of course we were running into Champions League games and Liam started to do fantastically well, meteorically well.
Average rates for many employers increased over 50 percent in the last two years, a number of insurers restricted their operations or closed down and the state workers compensation fund grew meteorically.
Wilson's fame and stature has risen meteorically as the poet-dramatist has assumed the various mantles of producer, leader, public speaker and intellectual, cultural nationalist, self-described "race man," critics' darling, provocateur, trickster-like figure, African griot, blues artificer, inspiration, folk hero and American icon.
Aided by an array of multifarious accessories as well as by the high emotionality of his performance, the crowd-pulling pantomime magnet rose meteorically to the heart of many a network of power and became for the declaiming orator a dangerous and potent rival.
There is a poised stance that could well make the market rise meteorically through technical and scientific applications in the functional foods area.
But as many other companies have watched their Internet fortunes rise meteorically and fall precipitously, we have enjoyed steady growth in Web traffic and in the fraction of our business transacted online.