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thick panels at 2 to 200 min; continuous scrap-foam rebonding lines; rigid and flexible foam molding lines; three- or four-component phenolic foam machines that meter, mix and pour or spray phenolics in viscosities from 5000 to 100,000 cp; and line of high-production cutters for rigid and flexible foams.
Sensus Metering Systems (Sensus), a provider of utility metering and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems and Advanced Metering Data Systems (AMDS), a wireless connectivity company, are partnering to provide utilities with a unique new AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) product solution.
When an entire premise meter is billed, the meters for the commercial entities are then considered submeters, meters that are no longer being read or billed by the DEE
In a transfer and meter system, transfer pumps instead of metering pumps are located in the ram/follow plate assemblies.
For a large conventional mirror, shaping and grinding take years, and the time and expense of this step posed another hindrance to planning mirrors bigger than 5 meters.
Analysis of meters by type- watt-hour meters: electromechanical/solid state, gas flowmeters: mechanical/turbine/orifice/ultrasonic, water flowmeters mechanical (volumetric/velocimetric)/electromagnetic/ultrasonic
A Review of Select Invasive Blood Glucose Meters 35
This AMR system specifically indicates if meters and/or valves are broken.
Photo: Monroe's DeAndre Phillips, left, outfinishes Poly's Julius Roberts to win the 100 meters in 11.
Meter demand in units and $ value, forecast annually from 2006 to 2011
While owners are on frontage they are not realizing that the I-Mon meter, (I-Monitor is the status that a meter is in while the property continues to be billed on frontage) has malfunctioned and is no longer registering.