method of attack

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The sentries were but a few paces away; but the ape did not dare expose himself, even for an instant, to those feared and hated thunder-sticks which the Tarmangani knew so well how to use, if there were another and safer method of attack.
Presently the leader of the plant men charged the little party, and his method of attack was as remarkable as it was effective, and by its very strangeness was the more potent, since in the science of the green warriors there was no defence for this singular manner of attack, the like of which it soon was evident to me they were as unfamiliar with as they were with the monstrosities which confronted them.
Tricks she knew that discounted even far greater physical prowess than her own, and a method of attack that might have been at once the envy and despair of the cleverest of warriors.
When asked if cyber criminals could attack mobile devices as well as PCs, 12% said no and 46% said they were not sure, despite mobile attacks being a common method of attack.
IED attacks remained the predominant method of attack, followed by shootings which are mostly carried out against police.
Criminal syndicates seldom use this method of attack, which bears similarities to the methods that nation-states use.
In fact, a primary reason why phishing continues to be an effective method of attack - even after a decade of anti-phishing efforts - is precisely because anti-phishing technologies are often designed to combat phishing by implementing technical 'solutions' rather than addressing the human source of the problem.
This threat can be reduced simply by upgrading the cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack.
In Sunday's attack, police and witnesses said a car bomb was detonated outside the National Intelligence Centre and was followed by a raid by gunmen disguised in national army uniforms--a method of attack already used several times this year by the Shebab.
Indeed, in some areas of the world, mobile malware is the preferred method of attack among cyber-criminal communities.
His method of attack was small cubes of luncheon meat fished over a trickle of pellets, which is a top tactic at Lingmere Fishery, that caters mostly for pleasure and match anglers.
The method of attack was mainly by distributed denial of

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