method of communication

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The method of communication between these two was remarkable in that no spoken words were exchanged.
She had been docile and quiet ever since she had discovered herself virtually a prisoner aboard the "iron mole." It had been, of course, impossible for me to communicate with her since she had no auditory organs and I no knowledge of her fourth-dimension, sixth-sense method of communication.
The so-called "man" in this instance, then took to his favorite method of communication and used the terms "wacky" and "a very stupid guy" to attempt to personally disgrace the former ambassador.
She was a very special person", the statement's authors wrote, arguing that the method of communication they chose was the only way to contact the people who wanted to see Emily at that time "all at once".
Unlike in the past where the populace relied solely on print media, the growth in social media is likely to replace the traditional method of communication.
It's the least understood method of communication: howling.
ISLAMABAD -- Landline phone, an old friend had proved to be the most effective and standard method of communication between people for decades around the world.
"The method of communication for the new equipment has been improved compared to the existing one," DAPA said.
As your new customer demographics continually point to digital channels as the preferred method of communication, those human-free touch points need to evolve to meet customers' needs, and be capable of escalating to an agent as a failsafe.
The RACGPs position statement on the use of secure electronic communication within healthcare calls for it to be the preferred and default method of communication for all health services and government agencies communicating with general practice and patients.
From circles of standing stones to ancient peoples, chapters not only present the case for geometric connections, but show how ancient monuments around the world represent a hitherto-unexplored method of communication among ancient tribes and peoples.
For companies in any industry -- but especially those in insurance, automotive, staffing, fitness, transportation, radio and healthcare -- Zipwhip provides an easy, cost-effective way to reach customers using their preferred method of communication: text message.