method of communication

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The method of communication between these two was remarkable in that no spoken words were exchanged.
It had been, of course, impossible for me to communicate with her since she had no auditory organs and I no knowledge of her fourth-dimension, sixth-sense method of communication.
The failure is surely not whether residents have either not read or not received this newsletter but rather the method of communication used to inform them of "such a major and contentious issue".
Every region of Britain apart from the north and Scotland selected email as their top method of communication, the study by YouGov found.
Among younger entrepreneurs, email has replaced the telephone as the preferred method of communication, the Vodafone poll of more than 1,100 British business people said.
Mobiles are the most common method of communication in the country.
This standardized method of communication uses standard network variable types to set or change various outputs such as relative humidity in the space or duct and allows building automation systems to monitor output variables such as room and duct RH readings, steam output, and service information.
An online community/Web site member mailing list comprised of all interested parties can be an extremely effective and cost-efficient method of communication and outreach when used in conjunction with your Web site.
E-mail is an especially poor method of communication when it's used to avoid making voice contact--for example, when the sender has bad news to convey.
Now in his 50s, talking drum artist Remi Kabaka is in the position of playing an instrument conceived more than 5,000 years ago as a method of communication - yet having a host of Web sites dedicated to him and his music on the Internet.
8% of all those that went on the Internet using this as a method of communication.