method of expression

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In verse 12 of the second paragraph, we learn how he himself would fain have abandoned the poetical method of expression had he not known only too well that the only chance a new doctrine has of surviving, nowadays, depends upon its being given to the world in some kind of art- form.
Al Sheikh uses her jewellery line as a method of expression
In 1983 he became engrossed in the style of abstract painting that has persisted as his method of expression through to the present.
The General Director said Article 309 of the penal code states: "A punishment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding BD100 shall be inflicted upon any person who commits an offence by any method of expression against one of the recognized religious sects or ridicules the rituals thereof.
A creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique, art therapy acts as a stimulus for emotional output.
Melanie Zagwyn says: "Within each person lies a glimmer of greatness and through the freedom to explore the creative self, each artist's method of expression becomes his or her own distinctive signature.
autobiography as their typical method of expression.
The method of expression of one's views should be legitimate, it said, adding that the objective of the expression of one's views should be the welfare of Muslims and the general public.
I don't agree with her sentiments but full marks for her method of expression.
In his pieces he conveyed a unique sense and scale of the countryside, particularly in England, in a naturalistic style which was sympathetic to mood, a method of expression which paved the way for full-scale Romanticism in art.
There's no reason why every American who studies dance shouldn't learn this profound and beautiful method of expression.
As more Americans are sinking into the cycle of poverty - 50 million Americans live below a poverty line of $8,122 - dissidence becomes a very attractive method of expression.

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