method of living

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I returned, with the same concern for him, that I could not bear to hear him talk so; that, on the contrary, if he could propose any probable method of living, I would do anything that became me on my part, and that I would live as close and as narrow as he could desire.
There's a difference between Muslims who accept America and accept our Constitution and accept our ways and those who want to continue a different method of living.
It presents garden farming as an economic opportunity and method of living well off the land, showing how to garden with an eye to reducing dependence on fossil fuels and living off the land.
The principle of subsidiarity calls for a symbiotic partnership between corporation and community, wherein the corporations get what they want, but leave behind a well-developed community that is strong economically, providing for the dignity of each person while offering a renewable method of living.
The mistakes in Macedonia became a method of living on which the progress is founded on.
Let's face it, ITV's usual method of living life on the edge is to commission something not starring that fat bloke out of the Nationwide ads.
A system of thought, a method of living, that sought empowerment through opposition now looks a lot like the leaders of the system it opposed.
Because many tenants refuse and vote to stay within council control, Kelly has been kite flying ideas that hint at measures to force tenants into buying a home: in classic New Labour terminology, being helped to have aspirations that will enable tenants to choose the correct method of living.
Since most people use the "just in time" (JIT) method of living and buying, they don't know what I am talking about.
Here, Aronowitz has his own New York ax to grind against the heavy-handed slum clearance methods of Robert Moses which leads to an interesting discussion of the "rational" (read destructive) versus the "natural" method of living which the author gleans from Hegel.
Now that I'm a forester, I want to encourage an eco-centric method of living where the water, trees, deer, and all the other elements of the environment have an equal balance.

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