method of treatment

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By his subtly simple method of treatment, lofty themes are clothed in the bright raiment of poetry.
Left by herself, Magdalen exemplified the excellence of the old sailor's method of treatment, in her particular case, by ascending the stairs immediately, to make her own observations on the second floor.
This method of treatment is practised in 30 Methadone maintenance therapy points, including in prisons in the cities of Bishkek and Osh, in the district of Chuy, Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad regions.
Contract award notice: DEVICE FOR DEEP transcranial magnetic stimulation (DTMF) Supplied by the same name method of treatment of psychiatric and neurological patients.
He said, "We should not be biased about any method of treatment.
8,829,005 includes method of treatment claims that cover the company's cetirizine product candidate (cetirizine ophthalmic solution, 0.
New Delhi: Even as there may be no direct scientific proof of the effectiveness of faith healing, it is being extensively used in India as a method of treatment of mental illnesses.
They discuss the personality and its disruption, the philosophy of treatment, the method of treatment, the mythogenic scaffolding of the addict's personality, the black hole, the addict and others, the cure, and prognosis.
1st KINGS 19:2,3 A prophet's example should be good enough for the rest of us: the method of treatment for a rank bad woman is to get well out of her way.
In homoeopathy, the holistic method of treatment, there are medicines.
A combination of therapies is often an effective method of treatment for most people.
Memryte utilizes DURECT's proprietary DURIN technology to provide sustained release of the peptide leuprolide acetate and is based on Voyager's patented method of treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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