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The remaining waste is being used for land filling and the corporation wants to dispose of the entire garbage methodically and produce manure
We will work methodically, with a lot of enthousiam and passion, in collaboration with the Directorate General and the staff of the Organization for better days to come in Cypriot tourism, the island`s economy and our country in general," he noted.
According to the report, the Romney robber, who also wore a Florida State sweatshirt, methodically collected cash from each of the five bank tellers before escaping the scene.
He said: "As I speak, terrorists are methodically and intentionally targeting young people and children in this country.
What makes it potentially dangerous, however, is a lack of clarity over how it will be enforced at a time when the Kremlin is methodically tightening its grip on every area of public life, and courts are not generally viewed as independent.
Her destructive, anti-social behavior and her distortion of reality play a disquieting counterpoint to the madman's own, as he methodically engages in the murder and mayhem demanded by his "prophet" Edgar Allan Poe.
But Wallace works methodically within the unresolved contradictions of his practice, giving equal status to visual and textual modes.
Individual chapters clearly and methodically explain the all of the basic mechanics of self-publishing specifically for non-specialist general readers aspiring to publish their own work.
Hoffner and his assistant, Hans Fichte, methodically follow every small clue, groping in the dark, until they find Rosa's body.
Donohue stated, "The last two years have been challenging for all companies in our industry, however, we have grown steadily and methodically.
He sat on the sidewalk, on an American flag, methodically eating the pages of The Wall Street Journal.
It's a reverse slasher flick that follows one young woman as she methodically and creatively (read: lots of pain and blood) exacts her vengeance on a group of men who abused her.