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Topics include: interviews with groups, theorizing the qualitative interview, designing studies that incorporate interviews, conducting interview research, the reflective interviewer, examining interview talk methodologically, and analyzing and representing interview data.
As mentioned in an earlier editorial foreword, we welcome proposals for special issues that will address under-represented fields or disciplines that will expand or critically re-evaluate our understanding of the region conceptually, methodologically, or empirically.
Pushing the frontiers of corpus-based translation studies, linguists present original and innovative research that is methodologically rigorous, descriptively adequate, and theoretically relevant.
It consists of designing and carrying out methodologically by phases and mainly at night, the partial reconstruction of airways in bituminous and concrete structures (25,000m) according to the following planning principle:
He pointed out that the State of Kuwait is - methodologically and voluntarily, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as attempting to diversify energy sources through major projects by KISR.
He pulls back the veil on the insurgency movement with the most systematic and methodologically clear treatment to date.
With so many otherwise attractive limit assuming theories, this is a sensible, methodologically conservative approach.
The report suggested Mr Fitzgerald had told interviewers for the report that a Home Office report into allegations of abuse that was being compiled during his time there was "anecdotal, used partial information and methodologically unsound".
The intent of identifying quality indicators essential for methodologically sound, trustworthy intervention studies in special education is not to prescribe all the desirable elements of an ideal study but to enable special education researchers to determine which studies have the minimal methodological features to merit confidence in their findings.
The research she quotes by Dr Priscilla Coleman was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry and has been thoroughly discredited as methodologically flawed.
However, trials incorporated within the review varied greatly in quality; most were methodologically weak and at high risk of bias.
Deckert argues that notions proposed by cognitive linguistics--and cognitive grammar in particular--offer sufficient explanatory potential to be used in methodologically sound arguments about translation--and about subtitling as a specific case of subtitling--despite the technical constraints it imposes on the translator.

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