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The criteria for categorizing the evidence base of practices in special education require that methodologically sound studies be classified as having positive, neutral or mixed, or negative effects.
At the same time, she acknowledges that even for Americanists, who would otherwise seem to support her efforts to locate Smithson within American history (if only to transcend it), her focus on "long historical connections" might "risk venturing into methodologically objectionable territory .
Methodologically The Author's Due steers an exemplary course between traditional scholarship and contemporary theory: as a "quest for origins," it challenges the poststructuralist assault on sequence and causality, yet it anchors its explanation of a literary concern in the materialist approach on which much of the best of today's scholarship rests.
Education Secretary Charles Clarke said: ``The BMA's figures are methodologically flawed and pounds 64,000 is a grossly excessive figure.
Methodologically, his book presents readers with a merger of urban history and the history of Southern Progressivism and these two fields' intersection with southern religion.
Hazen's sources do compellingly show the continuing influence, both methodologically and conceptually, of Isaac Newton.
The contributions to this volume are ideologically and methodologically more diverse than those in its companions and, in an attempt to establish some order and structure, they are organized in four categories.
Methodologically, the authors are interested primarily in what sorts of insights can be gleaned from the cluster of interactions using automatic means.
Most of the writers in this volume were not narrow but pluralistic, not provincial but cosmopolitan, not methodologically impoverished but inventive and subtle.
But Privacy International, the London-based civil liberties organization, claims the British studies are not methodologically credible.
While much of this work has focussed on isolating psychological traits associated with working, many of these studies are methodologically weak.
The life-cycle analysis process is data- and resource-intensive, as well as methodologically and analytically complex.

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