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In general, information sciences in theory and practice call for an understanding of what methodologies, methods, and analysis tools to apply to differing technology and product development situations (Ford, 1999).
While these methodologies and methods can be used in conjunction to triangulating data sets and analyses, this discussion will shed light on the distinct attributes of the individual approaches (Please see Appendix A for a list of common attributes that align with each methodology).
The successful application of CBA methodology in the first project will allow the researchers in CBA II to make applications of the methodologies to nine libraries with a greater income range and greater variation in services than was accomplished in CBA I.
Dealmaker is a software application that integrates sales methodologies with CRM systems for a customizable enterprise-wide solution.
Five proven methodologies from the industry leading Target Account Selling solution have been incorporated into ISEP.
It helped increase the effectiveness of both direct and indirect sales channels with its portfolio of methodologies including TAS(R), Enterprise Selling Process, Portfolio Management Process, Territory Management Process, Create & Win for Inside Sales, Value Driven Selling, and CHAMP(R), Channel & Alliance Management Process.
PDF Solutions' software, methodologies and services enable semiconductor companies to create IC designs that can be more easily manufactured using manufacturing processes that are more capable.
As the methodology is based on forward rates and implied volatility, it therefore is more sensitive to market expectations than methodologies that apply fixed ramps to spot LIBOR.
You need standards, methodologies and an industry infrastructure that can get people up and running quickly with new capabilities.
Without adequate industry infrastructure, no new technologies or methodologies can be successful," said Dennis Brophy, director of strategic business development at Mentor Graphics.
Because it is Web based, the knowledge system is a "living" resource that will be updated regularly to incorporate the latest advances in technologies and methodologies from either Cadence or other sources.

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