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July 12, 2005) (en banc) (noting how the heavy presumption methodology results in interpretations that are abstract from, and out of context with, the disclosed invention); Housey Pharm.
DBRS has conducted a periodic review of the Methodology. This update supersedes the previous version published in October 2018 and is effective as of August 23, 2019.
The PSS methodology document and library are accessible via download, providing customers with the flexibility of increased automation capabilities and platform portability.
By the new methodology as well, the rate of exchange of the dollar against the denar and the price of crude oil and oil derivatives in world markets will be the main criteria in setting retail prices at petrol stations across the country.
Some 68 new indicators were included in the capitally changed methodology, and 84 (74 percent) of 114 indicators were excluded.
Insurers are quick to note that, like the apparition from which the methodology's name is derived, the phantom premium tallied by these state departments simply does not exist.
To cover up area of belonging to our concern, an online survey was led to agile-waterfall hybrid development methodology. Based on the literature review, a structured survey questionnaire was established.
Stephenson designed Q methodology to emphasize human subjectivity as it relates to social science disciplines (Brown, 1993).
This press release is not intended to provide a summary of the methodology. For a full explanation of the methodology, please consult the updated report, now available on and accessible via the link below.
The principal methodology used in rating Oman Electricity Transmission Company SAOC and Lamar Funding Limited was Regulated Electric and Gas Networks published in November 2014.
Fundamental amendments were made to the report's methodology which reassessed the member countries participating in it, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was, based on Methodology Report 2015 occupies the 49th place, which is equivalent, according to the new methodology report 2016, to the 84th place.
Similarly, in this study, "language learning methodology" is used to mean the pedagogical practices based on any specific language learning theory, approach and method; Audio-Lingual Methodology not Audio-Lingual Method, for instance.

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