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It is vital to have an explicit, meticulous, legible and thorough care pathway and care plan for enhanced clinical care.
Association's Year in taking and Dr 'has our I'm delighted to be able to offer my support to their meticulous service Chris Rushworth
With the meticulous primary and secondary research techniques, we have built strong capabilities in data collection, interpretation, and analysis of data including qualitative and quantitative research with the finest team of analysts.
The puzzles of our era, unknown pathogens, many of them vectorborne, emerging biological threats, ecologic disasters, antimicrobial drug resistance can also benefit from meticulous observation, accurate recording, added perspective, and the interdisciplinary approach to knowledge.
More than any other training operation in these islands, the Dunlop stable has a long and meticulous record in dealing with international racing and all it involves.
He was meticulous in his work for as he says; 'It seemed good to me, having followed all things accurately for some time past, to write an orderly account.
In his first public appearance at HP's Silicon Valley headquarters on March 30, Hurd displayed the careful yet meticulous nature that made him a darling of NCR's investors.
In mirrored regard for each other--and in the marvel of their art--these youthful yet meticulous performers revealed an eternity behind acutely observed moments.
Working at a very tiny [molecular] scale, you have to be very meticulous.
In the Adventures, Return, Casebook, and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, as well as several TV films made from Conan Doyle's longer stories, Brett gives a meticulous and studied performance of the cerebral but impassioned detective's quest for the truth of the matter.
A superbly written history fiction, author Charles Furtney pays meticulous attention to history detail making Tyrconnel a welcome and highly recommended addition to any school or community library collection.