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In fact so meticulously that it would be no surprise to see them cancel each other out.
Black Country coroner Robin Balmain recorded a verdict of suicide and said: "It does seem to have been meticulously planned.
Instead, Conniff trots out a mythic lesbian couple with a meticulously manicured lawn, enchanting garden gnomes, and a penchant for "minding their own business.
The text itself is remarkably detailed and meticulously referenced.
Williams meticulously combed through Union records and American Missionary Association documents to find the black people who had appeared to be absent from texts that positioned northern whites as the only literacy activists.
Cardona, dancing solo, tip-toed on the tops of seven white cubes like a water bug on a pond, meticulously measuring the effect of each weight shift, his body sometimes forming a bridge or a slightly hazardous-seeming fulcrum.
It's a handsome, coffee-table sized book that's meticulously prepared (like the coach who provided the material) and lovingly compiled (by one of the all-time Vols).
First installed at London's Showroom Gallery and reprised at other venues, it consists of concentric bands of multicolored tape with which the artist meticulously follows the outline of the floor in ever-shrinking iterations, thus highlighting and exaggerating the contours of the space.
In "Great Rail Disasters," economist Randal O'Toole (an adjunct scholar with the Reason Public Policy Institute, which co-published the study) meticulously lays out these facts, assessing the track record of rail transit in 23 urban areas based on 13 criteria, including ridership cost, congestion, energy, use, and safety.
And you can rest assured that the company's crack team of excavator technicians and hydraulic specialists have meticulously inspected, cleaned, serviced, and signed off on every unit.
Although scholarly and meticulously documented, the writing is engaging and easy to follow, never pretentious or overly formal.