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Given their meticulousness in picking and sorting, giving women more opportunities in these critical tasks can not only improve coffee quality, but also drive up local demand for specialty coffee from female producers.
She said that in today's society where global economy is becoming knowledge-based (k-economy), women are more suited to this sort of task as they are more predisposed towards detailed meticulousness.
It helps if the home had been built with care and meticulousness to reward the family with a lifetime of stress-free and no-worries living.
The way he tears into the performance, with an elegant vigour, it seems as though Branagh has been waiting his whole life to age into the role of Poirot, clearly relishing the blend of quirky meticulousness -- one could call it obsessive-compulsiveness -- and cheeky humour.
The TGM Park Meadows neighborhood north and south of Schaumburg Road at Wildflower was recognized in the Best Maintained Planned Unit Development category for the meticulousness of its overall landscaping and the annual flower displays at its entry monument and clubhouse.
Despite his false bravado, James treats bombs with such meticulousness and precision, which forces one to look at him with an unwavering sense of awe.
Guardiola is famous for the meticulousness of his preparation but with just three days between games, which have to include recovery and travel time, it simply isn't possible to impose new plans for every opponent.
Jane did not even have an undergraduate degree, but what she did have was an immense love for the forest, patience, meticulousness and a thirst for learning.
The scandals have stunned the public and cast a shadow over this nation's prized image for ''monozukuri'' or craftsman-like production, reputed for high quality and meticulousness.
Sotheby's in Hong Kong said: "While seemingly small and unobtrusive, these understated aesthetics reflect the calibre and meticulousness of its craftsmanship, a quiet metaphor of Chinese philosophy."
Compositions host a subtle yet lyrical meticulousness. Key elements in this series are also recognizable throughout much of Terri's work; a simple vertical three panel layout, sky at top, horizon line and ground.
Known for his meticulousness and exemplary organizational skills, he was described as proactive, compassionate, steadfast, always ready to provide support to enable and empower future doctors to fulfill their utmost potential, and loyalty to AUB which he calls his raison d'tre.