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She also supervised the production of her calendars with notable meticulousness.
The handicraftsman compares his profession to a doctor's job -his occupation requires a lot of profound meticulousness, responsibility and scrupulousness.
Jahayra talks about his exceptional work ethic and approvingly chuckles about his meticulousness.
We all owe you a huge debt of thanks for the passion and the meticulousness with which you have prepared this wonderful collection.
Fully mastered by the brand's artisans, who perform more than 40 operations by hand, the technique calls for tremendous dexterity, patience and meticulousness.
By Peter Bedepiny July 13, 2009 -- Unlike John Garang who radiated his charisma through eclectic mixture of humour and optimism combined with the arrogance of a skilled rhetorician; Lam Ajawin charisma sprang up from his didactic impulse to set things right, sort of an engineer's meticulousness, who would dissect the blueprint of a building project only to point out the structural errors in the original design soon or later you would concur to his conclusion about the need to go back to the drawing board.
Let me take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors for the meticulousness and attentiveness given to each agenda item over this past year.
In the meantime, here's an example of the meticulousness of our local press:
Colin Montgomerie and Sandy Lyle both raved about his qualities as a Ryder Cup nursemaid and he brought the same meticulousness to the Ryder captaincy as he brings every week to his playing performance.
But Joan Thomas anchors both her reader and her protagonist in the worlds she has conjured with the meticulousness of her observation.
Another plus point of this book is the meticulousness of the author for collecting the data by the name of missionary personnel along with the specific year and providing a clear cut database.
Yet, while such a degree of meticulousness is arguably the hallmark of a great legal researcher, the authors might do well not to expect such greatness from their readers who, having found one list of such introductory sources, may become satisfied that they have exhausted this book's attention to the matter.