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What infuriates me is that this is about meting out blame," Marc Blondel, head of the Worker's Force union, claimed on France-Inter radio, as quoted by the Associated Press.
They saw the Black Codes as providing black people with potential protections non-existent before the Civil War, and it was precisely this access to formal law (alongside the 14th and 15th amendments and Republican rule) which threatened the "efficiency" of meting out justice.
That "we" was given an audible Big Brother voice--male, of course--coolly meting out invective in a brilliantly mixed soundtrack punctuated with cheers, laughter, screams, church music, gagging noises, and an ominous sample from the song "We Are the World.
announced yesterday's that, at today's annual meting of stockholders of US Facilities.
Perry, "A new isothermal curemeter for determining the crosslinking reactions of elastomers," 17th meting of the cstillral regional meting of the ACS, June 5-7 1985, pp 2-3.
Janet Raloff reports on the annual meting of the American Dietetic Association in Kansas City, Mo.
Davis has extensive experience managing media receptions produced in conjunction with trade shows and conferences, providing unique insight into meting the needs of exhibiting companies and journalists.