meting out

References in classic literature ?
She saw herself in the Suffrage Office, delivering judgment, meting out right and wrong, and there seemed to her to be some justice in the charge, although it did not affect her main position.
In Kansas last year the state's second highest court pushed Lawrence aside to uphold a state law meting out different punishments for gay and straight sex.
Genette would like to become a ``professional juror'' and spend her life arguing and meting out justice.
What infuriates me is that this is about meting out blame," Marc Blondel, head of the Worker's Force union, claimed on France-Inter radio, as quoted by the Associated Press.
They saw the Black Codes as providing black people with potential protections non-existent before the Civil War, and it was precisely this access to formal law (alongside the 14th and 15th amendments and Republican rule) which threatened the "efficiency" of meting out justice.
That "we" was given an audible Big Brother voice--male, of course--coolly meting out invective in a brilliantly mixed soundtrack punctuated with cheers, laughter, screams, church music, gagging noises, and an ominous sample from the song "We Are the World.
But any secretly gay person who uses his bully pulpit to vilify his own people deserves the treatment gay blogger Michael Rogers is now meting out in the nation's capital.
Unlike a Vin Scully, a lyrical poet who steadfastly maintains a sense of detachment during his work, Hearn always was a roller coaster of emotions, routinely engaging in hyperbolic utterances, meting out criticism and praise in equal shares much like garden-variety patrons do when watching Lakers proceedings at taverns.
In the process of meting out justice to the perpetrators of the attacks, the United States and its allies could have seen to it that the very message and ideology for which bin Laden finds followers are discredited and made devoid of any legitimacy.
One would think that demons would be a little more focused in meting out their evildoing; these are just really ugly frat guys on a bender.