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Director-General of the Arab Labour Organisation (ALO), Fayez Metiri, highlighted the interest of the organisation in strengthening relations between the three parts of production in the Arab region, which he said contributes to the achievement of stability and the creation of a climate favourable to investment.
Cognitive research conducted for Cisco Systems by the Metiri Group (Fadel & Lemke, 2006) indicates that when used as a learning aid, television not only has the power of increased visual, cognitive and emotional engagement, but can also result in improved academic performance when coupled with the right pedagogy.
I was visiting my Dad in the April holidays, and we went fishing at Metiri Dam at Hippo Valley.
In this web seminar, research firm Metiri Group and DreamBox Learning shared how intelligent adaptive learning works, the role the technology can play in raising student achievement, and the research base required for districts to invest wisely in these new tools.
Ipse solus inuestigare metiri ac dinumerare hec omnia potest qui celi ambitum sua circuit sapientia et profundum abyssi sua penetrat uirtute.
As such, the specific 21st century KSAs described and incorporated here are based primarily on the work of the Metiri Group, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.
v en griego, metiri en latin, messen en aleman, measure en ingles, etc.
The Metiri Group has been con ducting research into and evaluations of every major education technology movement of the last decade for the US Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and numerous state-funded programs.
Cheryl Lemke, Ed Coughlin, and Daren Reifsneider of the Metiri Group, which serves the education community through services that empower educators and education institutions, conducted an important study to examine research on the effect of educational technology on student learning.
puis : At si paribus lateribus triquetrum metiri debueris, hanc formam sequeris : esto ager triangulus pedes quoquouersus CCC.
Melting a pattern of grooves in the form of the Fibonacci spiral into the shiny surface of a rectangular panel of amber polystyrene for metiri, Panchal references both Renaissance and modernist pursuits of harmonious design.
quapropter, etsi ad integrum conicere non possum, quantas tibi gratias Arelatensis Reiensis Avenniocus Arausionensis quoque et Albensis, Valentinaeque nec non et Tricastinae urbis possessor exsolvat, quia difficile est eorum ex asse vota metiri, quibus noveris alimoniam sine asse collatam, Arverni tamen oppidi ego nomine uberes perquam gratias ago, cui ut succurrere meditarere, non te communio provinciae, non proximitas civitatis, non opportunitas fluvii, non oblatio pretii adduxit.