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M. When persons were convicted of manslaughter in England, they were formerly marked with this letter on the brawn of the thumb.
     2. This letter is sometimes put on the face of treasury notes of the United States, and signifies that the treasury note bears interest at the rate of one mill per centum, and not one per centum interest. 13 Peters, 176.

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Al Tayer commended the efforts of RTA's strategic partners which have contributed to the successful operation of the Dubai Metro. He cited the General HQ of Dubai Police (The General Directorate of Transport Security).
On the other hand, Pakistan Horticulture Authority (PHA) is also working for plantation of saplings at metro routes as metro bus route has been devided into three zones, said PHA spokesperson Jalal-u-Din.
Capital Development Authority (CDA) installed modern LED lights, imported from China, on Metro Bus route to save energy and power bill.
Two months earlier, a Cairo metro train crashed with the buffer stops on the third metro line, causing it to derail; the driver sustained injuries.
The work on the construction of metro stations on flyovers would be started after launching of girders and concreting.
"Whether in our meetings with the state government or in any communication, we have never talked of pulling out of the Metro project.
FNB and Metro expect to complete the transaction in the first quarter of 2016 after satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals and the approval of the FNB and Metro shareholders.
He was presiding over a high level meeting with regard to Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Project, here today.
Metro Center Atrium is less than a mile from five major hospitals, which the developer expects will help attract medical practices and healthcare companies.
The blue metro serves the Olaya-Batha line, green the King Abdullah Round Road line, red the Madinah-Prince Sd bin Abdulrahman Al-Awal line, orange the King Khaled Airport Road line, yellow for the underground tunnel line along King Abdulaziz Street between King Abdulaziz Historical Center and the Riyadh Airbase, and the purple metro for the Abdulrahman bin Auf and Al-Sheikh Hassan Bin Hussain line.
Still, low-growth metro areas have underperformed and their employment-to-population ratios have declined by about 1 percentage point more than those of high-growth metros.
It is part of the Transport Revolution led by Nexus to roll-out smart travel on Metro and other local transport.