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Wholesale and retail trade growth was widespread, contributing to growth in many metropolitan areas.
The striking, new facade of The Metropolitan will be ultra-modern.
With just a few years under its belt, Metropolitan Paper Recycling is employing more than 120 people and using all of its 117,000-square-foot plant capacity to process between 12,000 and 15,000 tons per month of old news (ONP), old magazines (OMG), office paper and old corrugated containers (OCC), according to Greg.
The requirement that a taxpayer qualify, for a home-office deduction to deduct daily transportation expenses to work sites within his or her metropolitan area is curiously absent from the IRC and Treasury regulations.
In 1457 Kiev was confirmed as the metropolitan see by Patriarch Gregory of Constantinople with the appointment of Gregory, a disciple of Cardinal Isidore, as its metropolitan.
metropolitan areas has been a bad thing and that it is high time for us to reverse the process and its consequences with vigorous government action.
he must be traveling to a temporary work site outside the metropolitan area, or must have at least one regular work place away from the home and be traveling from home to a temporary work place, or must be traveling from the home that qualifies as a "principal place of business" under Sec.
We are thrilled Metropolitan College has decided to remain at One Hudson Square and take additional space to meet its growing needs," said Mr.

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