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In 2016, the Boston metropolitan area had the highest health insurance coverage rate (97.
Per capita real GDP by metropolitan area was computed using Census Bureau midyear population estimates.
Consistent with national trade figures, metropolitan area exports were strongest to our North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) partners Canada and Mexico.
Using data from the NCS, pay relatives--a means of assessing pay, differences--are available for each of the 9 major occupational groups within 78 metropolitan areas, as well as averaged across all occupations for each area.
The Metropolitan Area Capital Markets Group orchestrated the December sale, led by Andrew Merin, David Bernhaut, Gary Gabriel and Jose Cruz.
The IRS disallowed all claimed travel expenses on the basis that since Wisconsin Rapids was not a metropolitan area as defined by the U.
99-7 when the taxpayer's metropolitan area may not be clear.
In the Northeast and Midwest, by contrast, metropolitan areas have been growing much more slowly, and in many cases city population has actually declined.
It will then examine patterns in per capita real GDP by metropolitan area before concluding with a discussion of the revisions to the statistics on GDP by metropolitan area.
metropolitan areas are still seeing a healthy year-over-year appreciation on their home values, despite a recent cooling throughout the nation, according to a series of home value reports from Zillow.
But Couple families in Oshawa, where General Motors and auto parts manufacturers dominate the employment scene, had the highest median total family income among all census metropolitan areas Statistics Canada reports.

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