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Yet what might appear as a symbolic narrative in which the avenging ghost of the old country house returns to haunt the city which destroyed it, is ultimately circumscribed, I will argue, at a further level of discourse: that of Elia's own self-reflexive metropolitanism as a figure of the London Magazine.
The possibilities of metropolitanism and regionalization have been articulated, but they remain limited and have not been exploited in any decisive manner.
In light of this reality, I do not believe Frug makes a persuasive case for why reliance on state institutions to define and perhaps circumscribe local authority is necessarily an inappropriate route to metropolitanism.
Nicolson, "Ecclesiastical Metropolitanism and the Evolution of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto," Histoire Sociale -- Social History 15 (May 1982): pp.
In the chapter on the 1980s, for instance, Kershaw by documenting the sharp tension between outlying regions (especially the North) or marginalized groups (women, gays, Black Britons) to the elite metropolitanism of a militantly Thatcherite Arts Council, but he softens the lines of resistance in an account of Jellicoe's production of Howard Barker's Poor Man's Friend (on the social relations of Victorian Bridport refracted through its (hang)rope industry).
Let us say then, to summarize, that the classic Jewish hero's most vital engagement with the city comes when scholarly deliberation retrains itself as canny metropolitanism.
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249 (2006) (noting that "regionalism and localism are not inherently contradictory; they can be complementary"); Edward Zelinsky, Metropolitanism, Progressivism and Race, 98 COLUM L.
However, the very concept of 'the regions' reveals an underlying metropolitanism which is hardly recognised by those who do not live in London.
Louis prominently in his recent book "Post-Suburbia," probably because, as he says, "Nowhere did the battle over metropolitanism rage so loudly or long as in St.
Mixed relations and marriages, a legacy of the fur trade, refuted metropolitan moralities and emergent Victorian racial codes, as well as the push of bourgeois metropolitanism for a progressive, ordered places with its specific taxonomy of bodies and spaces.
It is telling that the CED's proposal, though radical in scope, remains firmly rooted in the reform tradition by advocating a largely structural response to the problems of metropolitanism.