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For the mettlesome imagination, Revolver Rani makes for a gripping watch.
Promoted by a group of three mettlesome women, award winning author Anjali Raghbeer, Electrik Chakra designer Priyanjali Goel and trustee of tGELF Foundation Urvashi Khemka, The Shift Series provides the tools, media and mentors to think differently and helps people move towards their true potential.
For example, I cannot credit that the mettlesome poet Byron would have contentedly sat down with Bartleby to examine a law document of, say five hundred pages, closely written in a crimpy hand.
As an audience you feel acutely and physically the stress in the family home where the spectre of debt looms over political radical William Godwin (William Chubb), his exasperated second wife (Sadie Shimmin), and their three daughters - the product of three different fathers and two mothers - fragile Fanny, flighty Jane, and lastly Mary, mettlesome offspring of Godwin and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.
As one French diplomat observed: "Minister Barlow has a mettlesome character and is hard to handle.
In a Paris production, he portrayed Smetana's Jen& (The Bartered Bride) as a merry, mettlesome, smart and nimble boy deeply in love with Marenka yet at the same time thinking pragmatically and rationally.
Cool Mission 6g Definite Article - Mettlesome T G Leslie 2/3112-1 RPR 131h OR 134h He never showed an awful lot at home but came out and won three novice hurdles, and he did it well.
21) Its absence leads to 'the national reproach of Daisy Millerism', the problem of 'the innocently adventurous mettlesome American maiden' who, when travelling in Europe, unknowingly becomes a cause of social scandal and emotional havoc (Howells, The Rise of Silas Lapham, XII, 21).
Well boys, I unhitched my Well boys, I soon unhitched my mettlesome steed.
Hendrickson's thesis is that the Founding Fathers were driven to the Constitutional Convention, and to the innovative federal Constitution drafted there, by the fear of instability tending toward war among the newly independent states and mettlesome foreign powers.
On another occasion we were using this Woodsman to depopulate his surrounding pasture of mettlesome prairie dogs, which kept on digging holes that threatened to trip Chucks favorite horse, Mare.