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He discarded the long-held miasma theory, arguing that cholera was water- and not air-borne as was initially thought.
The jolt of pain sparks a miasma of flashbacks to Cheryl's past and her bond with her mother Bobbi (Laura Dern), who is diagnosed with lung cancer and dies when Cheryl is 22.
Still, by then I'm in that airport-holiday miasma where money doesn't matter and anything goes.
Accordingly, MI, AS, and MA might be concatenated to form MIASMA.
The murder was a side issue to the people, some well broken in a miasma of badly targeted opulence.
Managing reality; accountability and the miasma of private and public domains.
All that distinguishes the two incarnations is the inclusion of video sharing as a means of bullying the titular character and a miasma of digital effects in the pivotal prom night sequence.
Miasma was corruption or pollution of the air by noxious vapors containing poisonous elements caused by rotting putrid matter.
Both Glyph and The Hollow prod at class and race issues in the South through a miasma of gothic creepiness.
It seems to go on and on like a seamless miasma, blighting civilised life.
The author cannot explain where the ordinary Tunisians stand in this political miasma, understandable in an environment where few would brave the intimidating power of the salafists to register opposition.
En un principio se denominaba miasma a todas las emanaciones nocivas producidas por los hombres y animales, hacia el siglo XVIII y XIX se entendia por miasma a las emanaciones o efluvios procedentes de pantanos, descomposicion de materia organica, del suelo, emanaciones de enfermos (Larrea, 1997), o incluso denominaban miasma a cualquier tipo de emanacion desagradable que afectara la salud.