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In his contribution to the Wall Street Journal published Friday, Bolton, now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, said, ''The Six-Party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program have now descended into a miasma of 'working groups,' one of which, on U.
There is insight, miasma and plain old sophism, and a microcosm of what's happening in digital culture generally.
With deliberately slow over-articulation, he gives us a Jake who is processing his thoughts on too little sleep and through a miasma of alcohol-induced indifference, while his full vocal individualization of the rest of the men allows listeners to celebrate their camaraderie yet feel the pain and emptiness behind the nonstop revelry.
From there, though, all that promise seemed to dissolve into a miasma of ineffectiveness and, ultimately, injury.
To thrive in this miasma, merely to survive, indicated a vitality that I would never be able to muster," he says.
Schmidt in the musical miasma are latter-day gay icons including Bjork and Antony.
John Bartlett depicts himself (left) with a gasmask in order to withstand the pollution and viruses of the city, whose pretty cityscape in the background is obscured by a miasma.
Before a hovering ledge of solid earth, the foreground dissolves into a miasma of bright gases, a void matching the sky's depth and countering its aspirational connotations.
Much like the players in the health care miasma, they don't talk to each other, much less share common ground.
The first one is subsumed in a jingoistic war on terrorism, while the second is nurtured by an enervating domestic miasma of crass, and often vulgar, hip-hop consumerism.
Having said that, the book is a fair attempt at a broad and inclusive approach to the often confusing miasma of researching property.
The book does not wander into a postmodern miasma of the hopelessness of knowing anything significant or meaningful about history or personal experiences; nor does Karlin become seduced by the siren call of his own memories, as many writing memoirs do these days.