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Quentin speaks the last words of the novel while in the dark, transformed and panting in the miasmal cold air from the open window.
Philosophy and theology have wandered into miasmal swamps in our day, so the knowledge that poetry, can bring to us, he realized, becomes more urgent.
Its easy but assured lyric form, its count, saves it from the miasmal mists of content.
There are many memorable effects in Ridley Scott's Hannibal: the miasmal mist over Verger's Muskrat Farm, the grain of wood inside Lecter's grandfather clock set against the ribbed pattern of the metal pendulum, the velvety sky enriching the lustrous blues of cop-car cherries crossing a bridge in funereal procession, the final image of the film, an iris shot of Lecter's red eye.
into a spiritual dungeon, a miasmal atmosphere of hate and bitter recalcitrance.