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Nosode--a nosode must be obtainable from the miasmatic disease.
The miasmatic-contagionistic theory implied to Angelerio that miasmatic contagion was present wherever plague patients had been.
When Huck appears for the first time ever he might be memorably protruding a dead cat (anecdotal cure for warts, re-categorized in the present volume as a weapon of miasmatic mob-vengeance), but he is generally less than enthusiastic about various representatives of the wild and lower orders of creation, dead or alive.
Acclimated inhabitants of the yellow fever zone (those inhabitants who had resided in the area for more than a year consecutively) were believed to have greater immunity against endemic and epidemic miasmatic fevers.
The Venetian State, on the basis of the belief in the miasmatic and contagious nature of plague and being a pioneer in organization of public health services conceived in the late Middle Ages, established regulations and practices in the city of the Doges and its conquests.
Moreover, older notions of the miasmatic nature of disease causation led to long discussions and consultation over the nature of the soil and the elevation of the proposed building.
In the closest Wootton comes to providing evidence for this explanation, we learn that medical authorities finally accepted John Snow's ideas about contagion because "intellectual fashions had changed against miasmatic theories" (210).
The author contends, based on clinical experience and independent medical research, that this is because 70% of people with IBS all have the same miasmatic cause of their illness.
Some held the miasmatic view, believing that the disease emanated from the earth; others concluded that it resulted from epidemic constitution--a phrase of Thomas Sydenham's coinage descriptive of changing environmental conditions, such as climate changes, or sudden variant influxes of novel influences.
With The Tempest forming the base of the intellectual scaffolding needed to arrive at the deeper levels of this selection, Suarez seethes with a kind of miasmatic energy rarely achieved in contemporary poetry.
Most important, bacteriology gave doctors what miasmatic theories could not: the confidence to advocate reforms based on awareness of how disease agents travel and thus the futility of insulating selected neighbourhoods from contamination.
Dominating the center is a nightmarescape of miasmatic water; the milky colored river Irwell spills over its banks and overwhelms the industrial city.