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The link between cholera and water had been demonstrated; while it took a number of years to convince a rather reluctant medical fraternity and the vested interests of the water companies and their political allies in London of the water-borne theory of cholera, medical science has moved beyond the miasmic theory of disease.
Compson tells Quentin that "in a shadowy miasmic region something like the bitter purlieus of Styx had produced two children" (54-55).
He talks incessantly about "the state", as if it were a frightening, miasmic superstructure imposed on us by aliens.
Xia Gui's comfort with limitless space generated by unpainted silk entices the viewer through the miasmic atmosphere.
In Stanley's account, Africa is a terrifying, miasmic jungle filled with pestilence, wild animals, and savage heathens, a place to be traversed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The Point Is There Is No Point: Miasmic Cynicism and Cultural Studies Composition.
In MIASMIC and MIOTHERMIC, MIMIC surrounds the non-RNL words AS and OTHER respectively.
In small doses this is successful--the scanning of artfully organized drifts of citation gives the sense that he is taking the temperature of particular currents of thought--but as a strategy for the book overall, it becomes miasmic as lack of clear signposting leaves the reader puzzled and irritated.
In the Jalq'a culture, near Sucre, Bolivia, a decorative half skirt (aqsu in Quechua) can contain a dense, miasmic stew of animals and mythic creatures, not organized in orderly bands, but all seemingly adrift in a continuous, open space.
BG If not in sand, you get buried in snow or you sink into mud, into one of the miasmic sinkholes lurking in the dark corners of your fictional landscape.
Rather than visions of paradise, this "bishop" explored visions of "le fogne," the miasmic, dark, dangerous, and excremental far reaches of the psyche and the soul: "e nelle fogne che vale la pena di andare a cercare, in mezzo ai topi, in mezzo agli escrementi.
Merrily Murray-Walsh's costumes, while authentic in period, were of a drab palette, and this deadened stage picture was compounded by Robert Wierzel's miasmic, gloomy lighting.