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14) Mona's unseenness reinforces the elusive, miasmic, and spectral quality of whiteness as the play dramatizes it.
The David of this film, the murdered body of a young man on the verge of heterosexual marriage and his escape from a miasmic queer subculture, is a grotesque art exhibit, a self-portrait of the artists' own self-loathing that can be seen by only one museumgoer, the fellow connoisseur Rupert.
Whether one accepts the stronger, parting conclusion that "a furtive, miasmic unintelligibility .
Although the forecastle was a dank, dirty, miasmic place that offered sailors neither comfort nor privacy, the sailor-speaker recasts those material discomforts as the very conditions that might shape a domestic space unmarred by "spite or care.
Williams describes four miasmic states that underlie the degree of health or disease present in every individual.
We ate without speaking, carried telephone poles on long runs through the woods, waded up to our necks in miasmic mud, climbed ropes, polished brass, cleaned rifles, marched.
Another way the literature changed was in a break from traditional medical theory, of Galen, Aristotle, and others from antiquity, and toward theories of contagion and the transmission of the disease by proximity to the sick and their goods, instead of proximity to polluted or miasmic air.
Development of the central port and Don River valley for industrial uses degraded water quality, caused endless siltation problems and turned the formerly pristine Ashbridge's Bay marshes into a cesspit of miasmic proportion.
Unlike Reagan's America, which has been reconstructed into an upbeat theme-park culture-scape redolent with dayspring warmth, Maggie Thatcher's England has darkened into a forbidding nightworld of miasmic unease and emotional drift, of economic alienation and free-floating anxiety blurred into a manageable absurdity only by retreat into alcohol or indifference or pointless rage.
Egypt risks taking the miasmic path to Utopia - no amount of horror or suffering is too great a price to achieve paradise on earth.
Pat Moynihan, a Kennedy loyalist, was unsettled in Eisenhower-like ways by the seeming permanence of the national-security state, enshrouded in its miasmic secrecy.