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We studied the distribution of folates in DSS, using a microbiological assay, and considered that a 6.
We evaluated these findings using our "in house" microbiological assay (2) and fresh clinical EDTA-WB samples.
After deconjugation and subsequent lysate dilution before microbiological assay, centrifugation of samples revealed the presence of small red pellets in the freeze-thawed samples that were not seen in saponin-treated samples.
An obvious explanation is that the method of folate assay used in the former case was radioassay [8] and in the latter [9], microbiological assay.
Clinical history, physical examination, and serological and microbiological assays are usually sufficient to diagnose syphilis.
Their topics include the quantitation of vitamins using microbiological assays in microtiter formats, determining vitamin C in fortified food products using high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy, and analyzing carotenoids.
The new FDA regulations regarding cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices) will require the nutraceutical and dietary supplement industries to streamline and develop faster and more effective microbiological assays.
Applications for pyrolysis include polymers, copolymers, elastomers, synthetics, rubber lacquers, paints, resin, wax, pigments, biological/geological materials and microbiological assays.
We are rapidly accumulating large data sets using our unique rapid microbiological assays performed on two prototype BACcelr8r[TM] platforms.

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