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Motorola is very pleased to have Arabella Software as a microcode solutions provider for our semiconductor customers and systems integrators," said Mike Shoemake, Marketing Manager for Motorola's PowerQUICC(TM) processor products.
Additionally, a wide variety of third-party vendors work in concert with Freescale to offer RTOS support, compilers, debuggers, simulators, reference designs and custom microcode for the MPC8568E and MPC8567E devices.
0 release of its Intel(R) IXP1200 Microcode Solutions Library (MSL) product, a portfolio of enhanced microcode building blocks created to support Intel's IXP family of network processors.
It is also supported by Freescale's Open QUICC Engine program, which enables developers to add new functionality to their applications beyond what Freescale provides through standard microcode.
Developing production quality microcode internally can consume precious manpower, which instead could be funneled into development of intellectual property and technology that differentiates IXP-based products.
RadiSys has extensive microcode expertise, a great product portfolio, and a successful, long-term relationship with Intel," said Nick Finamore, general manager of Intel's Network Processor Business Unit.
I believe out of that sixty-seven dollars out of a hundred dollar bill, probably half of that is going to be spent on software, and I mean microcode, firmware, and post resident software as well as fabric resident, which happens to run on a processor hidden inside the fabric.
The program is designed to enable developers to customize Freescale microcode that runs on QUICC Engine technology to support a wide range of industry-standard communications interfaces and protocols.
Ideal for UMTS, 3G mobile, xDSL, telecommunications signaling, and central office switching applications, these microcode packages are designed to enable new and current customers to integrate greater forwarding plane functionality into their existing and next generation networking equipment.
The issue began over claims BCC made for its Extender Internal AS/400 disks, which utilize IBM's own Ultrastar 18LZX with different microcode, electronics, casing, and power regulators and which began shipping in summer 1999.