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Precise internal measurements that would otherwise require some exceedingly costly inside micrometers can be determined to within a few ten thousandths with simple pin gauges available in .0005" size increments.
The average coating thickness on one set of mold halves initially was 71-76 micrometers and 29-31 micrometers after 15 pours, while the figures for the other set of mold halves initially were 43-48 micrometers and 30-33 micrometers after 15 pours.
RCBS was one of the first to offer dial calipers with their name on them and now they've added to that line with electronic LCD calipers and micrometers. Obviously, RCBS doesn't make these things in lovely Oroville; they're imported.
Apart from a good telescope on a solid motorized mount, you need one other piece of equipment to measure double stars: a micrometer. Although a variety of measuring devices have been used by amateurs, the reticle-type micrometer is the easiest.
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Finally, the top level is made of cuticle arranged in a sort of honeycomb pattern, 2 micrometers thick.
According to EPA, the staff paper concludes that "the latest scientific, health and technical information about particle pollution supports strengthening EPA's current health-based standards for fine particles," and recommends that the agency "continue to regulate but revise the current PM 10 standards with a new health-based standard for particles known as 'thoracic coarse' particles -- particles between 2.5 and 10 micrometer in diameter that can be deeply inhaled."
MODIS yields information on the ratio between finer particles (with a radius roughly less than 0.5 micrometer) and coarser particles (1 micrometer and larger).
Four standard micrometers (0"-1", 1"-2", 2"-3" measuring range) and one mechanical digital micrometer (0"-1" measuring range) are available.
With advances in x-ray microtomography, it is now possible to obtain three-dimensional representations of a material's microstructure with a voxel size of less than one micrometer. The Visible Cement Data Set represents a collection of 3-D data sets obtained using the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France in September 2000.
Course 2 is titled "Micrometers and Dial Indicators." Snap, plug, ring, screw thread plug, and thread ring gauges are the topics in Course 3, "Fixed Gauges." Course 4, "Surface Plate Equipment," includes information on gauge blocks, height and micrometer height gauges, and surface plate accessories.
AMIS also signed a foundry license for the ARM7TDMI microprocessor core to support 0.35 micrometer designs.