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So what begins with the installation of a tiny, efficient microprocessor often develops into a comprehensive renovation of the entire elevator.
In October 2000, ARM announced the availability of its Jazelle for Java technology extensions for microprocessor cores to enable direct execution of Java byte code in hardware and software.
Economically priced CS series includes dryers from 100 to 400 lb/hr drying capacities and simplified microprocessor control.
The technological "wall" he refers to is a physical inability to condense more microscopic transistors onto microprocessor space.
The Ambric Am2000 family of scalable integrated circuits (ICs), first announced at the In-Stat Fall Microprocessor Forum in 2006, is the world's first teraOPS-class chips using globally asynchronous, locally synchronous (GALS) architecture that enables massively-parallel solutions for complex embedded applications.
ARM's microprocessor cores are ideally suited to these end-applications, as they offer high-processing power with low-power consumption," said Glenn Fraser, AMIS vice president of marketing and business development.
Standard off-the-shelf microprocessor temperature control accurate to 1 [degree] F.
The R10000 microprocessor is designed for a broad spectrum of computing needs, spanning from PCs and workstations to servers and supercomputers.
As the first microprocessor manufacturers to announce the use of immersion lithography and ultra-low-K interconnect dielectrics for the 45nm technology generation, AMD and IBM continue to blaze a trail of innovation in microprocessor process technology," said Nick Kepler, vice president of logic technology development at AMD.
As the successor to Boy's Mipronic-Plus microprocessor controller, Procan appeared first on the company's 24.
The scalable PowerPC 601 microprocessor was previously adopted by Apple, Canon, IBM and Taiwanese manufacturers for systems ranging from notebooks to workstations.

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