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Powered by key brands, including Erie, Menzel, Microm, Shandon, and Richard Allan, its portfolio includes microscope slides, instruments and consumables.
Pick up a snowflake with the chilled tweezers and place it on the microscope slide; alternatively, you can let snowflakes fall onto the microscope slide.
We previously published (3) the results of a large, intraobserver variability ("validation") study in which we compared diagnoses obtained by interpreting WSI versus microscope slides of previously interpreted primary surgical pathology cases after a minimum 1-year "washout" period.
Investigating the surface chemistry of several commercially available microscope slides (which are referred to as "hydrophobic" due to their water-repulsing characteristics) and slides which were "hydrophilic" in nature, we compared the ability of hydrophobic and hydrophilic slides in two functional areas common in IHC: tissue retention and reagent dispersal.
Microscope slides or pots containing sputum were presented to the rats by being placed immediately below the holes.
This study investigates how prior content knowledge and prior exposure to microscope slides on the phases of mitosis effect students' visual search strategies and their ability to differentiate cells that are going through any phases of mitosis.
Access to the full text, review questions, additional case studies, virtual microscope slides, and other tools is available online.
The researchers deposited spore preparations of Bacillus subtilis and Geobacillus stearothermophilus onto the surface of pyrex microscope slides at about [10.sub.9] cfu per [g.sup.-1] of total milk solids.
"It is thought there could be 60 forensic items, such as microscope slides, containing material from some individuals."
When I found skillfully prepared Victorian-era microscope slides listed under the category "Folk Art" in an antique dealer's online catalog, it led not only to my acquiring them but also to the beginning of a journey involving Internet and library research, trips to herbaria, field collecting excursions, and, finally, to the development of a PowerPoint lecture for community college biology students.
The modular design of the Axio Scope.A1 offers an interface between the upper and lower parts of the stand to allow the use of spacers for adapting microscope slides to the sample size.
The DVD contains microscope slides and software which allow readers to view and enlarge the slides on a computer screen at various magnifications.