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But it is also true for the microscopic anatomy that a series of cause-and-effect relation can be located in the process of in depth study of them.
We could find no literature concerning the microscopic anatomy relating to that of the desert shrew.
351-375 in Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates, Vol.
Describe the gross and microscopic anatomy of the male genital organs.
Richly illustrated throughout with color diagrams and micrographic images, this textbook describes the microscopic anatomy of human tissues.
However, it is difficult for this reviewer to believe that such students would be able to comprehend the numerous microscopic and histopathologic illustrations and descriptions of computed tomographic scans, clinical information, and procedures such as endoscopies without a background in gross and microscopic anatomy, pathology, and parasitology, and at least some familiarity with clinical medicine.
Permar's Oral Embryology and Microscopic Anatomy, 10th edition