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Caption: Figure 5: The average number of [CD8.sup.+] lymphocytes (a); microscopical examination of [CD8.sup.+] lymphocytes on skin wound (IHC antibody anti [CD8.sup.+], DAB, scale bar 50 [micro]m).
In the English translation of Theodor Schwann's Microscopical Researches, what from 1900 on was increasingly called "blood cells" was termed "blood corpuscles." The "cellular nature of the blood-corpuscle" was already confirmed by Schwann: the blood-corpuscle "is a flattened cell furnished with a cell-nucleus, which is fixed to a spot on the internal surface of the cell-membrane." (32) Drawing from sources between 1660 and 1812, the OED defines a corpuscle as a "minute body or particle of matter.
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Maximilian Moser/publication/223615 174 The tattoos of the Tyrolean Iceman a light microscopical ultrastruct ural and element analytical study/links/54c94f9f0cf298fd2624803e.pdf
Using both microscopical or molecular examination, there was not any statistically significant (p = 0.515 or 0.391) variation between male and female camels in the susceptibility of piroplasms infection.
Microscopical and serological studies on Sarcocystis infection with first report of S.
Microscopical examination showed sheets of round to oval mononuclear cells with bland chromatin and conspicuous nucleoli uniformly interspersed with numerous osteoclast-like giant cells with nuclei similar to that of the mononuclear cells confirming the histopathological diagnosis of giant cell tumor [Figure 3].
Caption: FIGURE 2: Before excision (a), after excision (b), and microscopical view (c) of osteochondroma.
Recollections of a Petrologist introduces the reader to the critical period of the final decades of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century as seen through the eyes of a contemporary observer/participant (Joseph Paxson Iddings) at the time when descriptive microscopical petrography evolved into the theoretical science of igneous petrology.
Replace HBSS by culture medium Incubate (37[degrees] [+ or -] 1[degrees]C/5.0% [+ or -] 1% C02/overnight) 48.00 h Microscopical control of morphological alterations Remove culture medium.
Microscopical diagnosis is hampered by the lack of distinguishing morphologic characteristics in larval stages (1).
Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x400) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
Microscopical evaluation of the smears of intestinal content from all necropsied birds with Kinyoun staining (0/12) were negative to the presence of Cryptosporidium spp.