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To acquire suitable specimens for her microscopical experiments, Valeria sends her servants out for vermin and, more notably, converts normally fashionable accoutrements into gross bodily matter.
After the nitriding have been prepared the metalo-graphic samples for macroscopical investigations, microscopical analyses and proofs of micro-hardness for determining the depth of the nitrided layer.
The microscopical investigation was performed with an Olympus CX 31 microscope.
Remarks on microscopical preparations made from some of the original tissue described by Thomas Hodgkin.
The only standardized method to determine the air void system is to run a linear traverse or modified point count as prescribed in American Society for Testing and Materials' (ASTM) "Standard Test Method for Microscopical Determination of Parameters of the Air-Void System in Hardened Concrete" (C-457).
Microscopical evaluation of 738 columnar crystals included their main dimensions (lengths and widths) and the detailed description of their shapes.
A lack of statistics does not invalidate microscopical hair comparisons; a hammer is a wonderful tool for a nail but a lousy one for a screw, and yet the screw is still useful given a proper tool.
Electron microscopical observations and chemical analyses supporting Mn uptake in white rot degraded Alstonia and pine wood stakes exposed in acid coniferous soil.
An electron microscopical study of freshwater heliozoa (genus Acanthocystis, Centrohelidia) from Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
Thin sections were also made for microscopical observation.
Like criminal forensic analysis of trace evidence, microscopical analyses of environmental samples can provide information about the identity and possible source of contaminants.
He was a member of the Quekett Microscopical Group and read law up to university standard.