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Size discrepancy between recorded gross tumor size and pT (usually microscopically confirmed) can occur.
Piroplasms were detected microscopically in Giemsa's stained blood films of 43.6% of the examined camels.
Microscopically, all cases in our study consisted of a cyst wall lined by ciliated columnar epithelium with cellular fibrous stroma with proliferating spindle cells.
Trichinella spiralis larvae were identified microscopically in the sausage but not in the deer meat, indicating that the boar meat was the likely source.
Microscopically, it often resembles bowling pins or thin lemons with a knob on each end.
Of all microscopically positive individuals (n = 45), 80% (n = 36) showed some level of antimalarial antibodies (Figure 2(a)).
According to its research, the iPhone 5 is microscopically cheap to charge for a year, at only 41 cents.
Animal Inside Out shows creatures whose bodies have been filled with resin before the flesh is dissolved, leaving a microscopically accurate reproduction of the animal's insides.
APE decreased acute and chronic aspirin injury both macroscopically and microscopically (approximately 50 % decrease in lesion score; P < 0.05).
The samples were analysed, microscopically in order to check the presence of HPV in the cancer cells using modern immune-histochemical and molecular techniques," he said.
Forensic officers examined the black gloves and found fibres "microscopically indistinguishable" from fibres found in the stolen car.
We remain confident that voter fraud is a microscopically small problem in most jurisdictions, and are not yet convinced that showing picture ID is fair or necessary.