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Microscopically, the tumors are composed of pleomorphic and hyperchromatic spindle-shaped cells arranged in an interdigitating fascicle.
One could specify which residual site is positive microscopically or grossly; for example, if a colon polypectomy margin is microscopically positive for cancer, it is R1 (colon).
Microscopically, this tumor features pleomorphic oncocytes with increased mitosis, focal necrosis, perivascular and perineural invasion, and an infiltrative growth pattern.
To check the quality of the control slides, stain one of the slides and examine it microscopically.
We can't look at this microscopically,'' Miscikowski said.
This starts off microscopically and is often picked up by the body's immune system and destroyed.
Although the surface barrier is microscopically thin, the material is reported to efficiently inhibit corrosion by creating a tight chemical seal on the packaged product, blocking contact with the oxygen and water molecules that cause corrosion.
Aflatoxin is added to the circulating fluid, and the cells are subsequently examined microscopically to detect what is happening in the tissue.
A microscopically thin transparent coating of titanium oxide has two important chemical properties which, when combined, make the glass 'self cleaning'.
On the face of it, this was the most parochial poem imaginable, but this warm and wonderful piece, for all its microscopically observed local detail, could easily be enjoyed by someone who had never even heard of Huddersfield, let alone encountered its chain of mock-Tudor coffee shops.
Focusing on a 107-year period that starts when freed and enslaved blacks in the North began celebrating abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in 1808, Kachun has retrieved and microscopically examined hundreds of archival records-newspaper files, government records, religious documents, slave tracts, and photographic exhibits-to compile a dense historiographical study of the legacy of "public commemorations" by African Americans endeavoring to insert their voices into the national consciousness.
Lest you suspect fraud, you should know that the transformed host and wine, which had been kept in reliquaries since the eighth century and occasionally examined by experts, were last scientifically analysed in November 1970 by an histologist from the University of Arezzo who examined both substances microscopically.