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For molecular analysis, 34, 42, and 44 microscopically positive stool samples from outbreaks A, B, and C, respectively, were used.
The company has an approach to the digital capture of microscopically magnified optical images that not only is better than any other possible digital image capture system, but also allows a much simpler and significantly less expensive light microscope design at the front end of the system.
Although Clarke's space elevator remains firmly embedded in the realm of science fiction, his notion of fabricating extremely tough, microscopically thin, flawless fibers from carbon gained credibility with the discovery that sheets of carbon atoms can wrap themselves into microscopic tubes (SN: 11/16/91, p.
NLCS employs a quantum kinetic many-body theory developed at the University of Arizona, Tucson, and at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, which microscopically describes carrier-carrier and carrier-phonon scattering.
Microscopically, the glands are nodular, and examination will identify an increase in parenchymal-cell mass, composed of chief cells and/or oxyphilic cells (figure).
The resulting polymers are considerably tougher than microscopically thin films produced by other means, yet just as flexible.
A unique visual simulation model (VISIM) will be developed to analyze the corridor microscopically.
Wick et al studied 103 tumors that featured this structural cluster and analyzed them microscopically arid immunohistologically to codify points of potential pathologic similarity and difference.
To check whether radiation can indeed trigger the nucleation of the B phase within the A phase of superfluid helium-3, the Stanford group used a specially designed, long, thin, silica glass tube with microscopically smooth surfaces.
It is virtually impossible to attach three electrodes to a microscopically small molecule," said Bao.
Microscopically, desmoid tumors appear as poorly circumscribed masses of fibrous tissue that contain myofibroblasts and fibroblasts surrounded by collagen.
Taking advantage of this behavior, researchers have now demonstrated that bundles of glass fibers containing microscopically narrow channels can guide, shape and focus beams of neutrons.