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Even when the micturition reflex has initiated, higher center inhibition may come into action under unfavorable circumstances like in case of in-availability of a clean and vacant toilet.
The normal micturition reflex involves switching from inhibition of the voiding reflex and activation of storage reflexes to inhibition of the storage reflexes and activation of the voiding reflex--and back again.
In a recent study, the oral administration of a phytotherapeutic drug, eviprostat suppressed CYP-induced bladder overactivity in rats and it was suggested that the effects of eviprostat on the micturition reflex may be irrespective of antimus-carinic action (Kobayashi et al.
The PMC controls the descending pathways involved in the micturition reflex, activating or inhibiting the parasympathetic pathways depending on the level of activity in the afferent fibers (Andersson, 2007).
There is, however, a micturition reflex that operates purely at the Level of the sacral spinal cord.