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They changed course on Monday, asking the Supreme Court to grant stays for the remaining three until the case was decided or until the state could obtain "a viable alternative'' to the chemical at issue in the case, the sedative midazolam.
The patient was fully cognizant for consent purposes after administration of midazolam, based on her history of narcotic use.
Midazolam dosing varied, respondents using doses of 0.
Midazolam is an example of a medication that has been studied as an intranasal medication option, but some studies drip the available intravenous formulation into the nose (Bhattacharyya et al.
Midazolam is a benzodiazepam providing anxiolysis, sedation and amnesia as its main actions.
As midazolam is completely excreted through CYP3A4 metabolism and is not a substrate of P-gp, it seems to be an ideal probe for monitoring CYP3A4 activity not only in vitro but also in vivo.
Major finding: MADRS scores improved significantly within 24 hours in 64% of patients treated with ketamine and in 28% treated with midazolam.
05 mg/kg of midazolam in 10 ml saline (Midazolam group) followed by infusion of saline 10 ml/h during the surgery.
However, there is no good evidence to avoid appropriate use of midazolam.
During procedure Propofol alone used in 110 patients and combination Propofol and midazolam used 20 patients as an induction agent and sedation purpose.
Keywords: Microdiscectomy, Midazolam, Epidural analgesia, Post-operative pain (JPMA 62: 561; 2012).