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Only I disagree with you about the doom of the middle class.
The lower middle class, the small manufacturer, the shopkeeper, the artisan, the peasant, all these fight against the bourgeoisie, to save from extinction their existence as fractions of the middle class.
The Middle East is an important region in the world.
R], however, is central to this important new contribution to a growing literature on the history of professionalization, gender, social geography, and the middle class.
The present sample focused on middle school students.
That's why he announced his middle-class housing initiative designed to encourage moderate and middle income families to stay in New York City and allow the City economy to grow," said Neill Coleman spokesperson for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
I have students who can read every word on the page and not miss a word, yet can't comprehend and understand the vocabulary," she says "And we quit teaching reading by middle school.
Local concentrations are extremely high--on the order of 1,000-fold above typical middle ear concentrations achieved by way of systemic use.
Part One gives an introduction to Christianity in the Middle East including a timeline of the development of the church, an essay on the importance of Jerusalem to Christians, and essays by Prof.
This brief monograph takes a hard look at the phenomenon of middle schools (housing grades 5-8 or 6-8), arguing that an infatuation with student personal development and "socialization" has transformed these institutions into academic backwaters.
And there's the rub for those who are in the middle, because middle-market products--be they Kraft macaroni and cheese or Chevrolets, two examples Silverstein cites--have a difficult time of making themselves sufficiently distinctive from the products offered at the lower end.