middle ground

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Variabilism, the middle ground, is contrasted with two general views: exclusion and inclusion.
As one source pointed out: "There's the middle-ground milk market, where the bulk of the players are honest and professional--and there's the Wild West middle ground market.
Until groups like Democrats for Life accept that contraception is vital to reducing the incidence of abortion, the potentially productive middle ground Gragnani wrote of in his article will remain nothing more than a sound bite.
But when you think about it, there is no middle ground.
We can lead our viewers through an image by relating foreground, middle ground and background layers of information.
Two panels depicting elegantly charred stumps in studio settings flank the main image, a spacious colonnade of giant fir trunks made mysterious by a ghostly figure in the middle ground.
No longer will an automaker have to choose a sub-optimized middle ground equally ill at ease on the roads of Europe, Asia, or North America, or a drive configuration that's the same for every vehicle built off these components.
A good rule of thumb is to take the best and worse and choose a middle ground.
In an attempt to find some middle ground on this issue, I contacted an even-tempered friend in an open relationship and put the issue to him.
If a mill prefers a bigger or smaller chip than all of the other mills in a basin, chip suppliers must either change set ups according to the pulp mill they are shipping to, or the supplier must hit a middle ground in set up that is not truly optimal to either mill.
If there is a middle ground between the author's assurance that "this is not a textbook" and general informative entertainment, then Lyall Watson has staked it out.
Practicing the art of medicine, Avorn points out, entails finding the middle ground between a drug's benefits and its occasional downfalls.

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