middle ground

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We live in a world of conservatives and liberals," stated Marny Laseau, Magik Browneez founder, "but there has to be middle ground.
Obtained through negotiation and compromise, middle ground is easier to find if it derives from common ground.
Here the middle ground thesis falters, and lacks the theoretical depth to treat a history where cross-cultural sexual encounters "ran the full gamut from the intimate and affecting to coercive and degrading" (p.
They wanted PS60k and despite a further offer to find middle ground, they have refused.
Abortion and the Moral Significance of Merely Possible Persons: Finding Middle Ground in Hard Cases is volume 107 in the 'Philosophy and Medicine' series published by Springer.
This acquisition gives the Company a 100% WI in all the leases that cover the North Middle Ground Shoal structure, which equates to a net 10,108 acres.
It's all so typical of the inability to find middle ground that has prolonged the conflict in the Middle East and did the same in Northern Ireland.
Middle Ground Theatre plays the Lawrence Batley Theatre next week in what is probably Waterhouse's best known stage piece, Billy Liar.
Roll over, Aristotle, and tell Ayn Rand the news: There is now a middle ground regarding whether and when a human being still exists.
But this idea that people with different ideologies can get together and find a middle ground, it just doesn't happen.

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