middle ground

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'Middle Ground when thousands of innocent people ( including children ) are being butchered daily?!
The Rembau MP said there surely must be some form of middle ground, where both PH and BN can co-operate in certain matters when it comes to running the country.
"That's not middle ground. It's cruelty, panders to prejudice and heaps the burden on to the poorest in our society.
TO BEGIN THE LESSON, I have students consider foreground, middle ground and background in a real-world setting.
You destroy my country, I will kill you...There's no middle ground there and you can go to hell, for all I care,' Duterte said.
First performed in 2017, Middle Ground Theatre's original tour of the show was warmly received by audiences and critics alike, described as "perfection" by the Express and Star, "a tour de force" by Worcester News and "utterly captivating" by Bromsgrove Advertiser.
"Some of the so called moderate, but sinfully misguided ulema had even suggested ridiculous ideas like the reduction of 100 lashes to 50 ndash since that is the middle ground between 0 and 100.
'The consequence is that we are showcasing to the successive generations that leadership is about 'Aluta', no compromise, no middle ground,' he added.
In a statement yesterday the group said: "We had been informed that, during the course of the campaign, directors and members of Together For Yes stated that their exclusion of trans people from the campaign, and campaign messaging, done purposely to reach the 'middle ground'.
Of course, there is a great expanse known as the middle ground that stretches between the poles of optimism and pessimism.
Philadelphia, PA, July 30, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Magik Browneez, a pop/rock/alternative band, has released their second music video, Patterns, a 4 and a half minute anthem aided by carefully chosen messaging selected to target a middle ground among humans.
Contract award: intermediate repair of the multi-purpose boat kl.745 "middle ground".

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