middle man

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The citizens have demanded of commissioner Rawalpindi, DCO and AC Rawalpindi to take stern measures to deflate the ballooning prices of poultry products by ending the monopoly of middle man in poultry business besides ensuring sale of chicken at control rate.
And since there is no middle man, nor are there brokers involved, their retail prices on these goods are more reasonably priced than one will find at import stores in Toronto.
SINCE THE MIDDLE MAN in the placekick is accountable for one-third of its success, he cannot be the forgotten man in the teaching process.
This excess or mark-up represents remuneration for their labors as a middle man bringing together buyer and seller, .
And the customer benefits by cutting out the middle man.
Once consumers are empowered to buy their own insurance without the employer middle man, they'll pay more attention to the money they spend.
And, increasingly, employers seem desirous of working directly with providers in order to eliminate the insurance company middle man.
Now Individuals and Small Merchants Can Bypass the Middle Man When Ordering Diamond Jewelry
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Supply Corporation (PASSCO) is considering to procure wheat in bulk without bardana to end the increasing role of middle man and to control the rising trend of corruption.
MIDDLE MAN Veteran broadcaster Jimmy Magee with Bernard Dunne and Katie Taylor at Aviva Stadium in Dublin JUST THE JAB Katie Taylor sizes up Jimmy's book last night
Farmers have suffered over the years and we, the customers, have benefited from low prices whilst the middle man has scooped the rewards and lined his pocket.
I think women are better to cut out the middle man and go straight for the mutt.