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Morphologic assessment of sperms revealed a high incidence of abnormal head shape, degenerated middle piece, undulating plasma membrane and deformed axoneme structure (figs.
The 5-[micro]m long middle piece is the first part of the tail.
As we can see from some of Quantz's surviving flutes, at the time that he wrote the Versuch six different middle pieces were often made for a single instrument, so that the flautist could choose to play in any of the many different pitches then in use.
The incident happened on December 7 last year, when Singh visited Morrisons in Middle Piece Way in Willenhall.
You can do this by holding the wing by its tip to create a 'v' shape between the drumstick and the middle piece.
It is generally considered that the sperm cells matures in its passage through the epididymis as indicated by the passage of the cytoplasmic droplet from the neck region, down the middle piece and tail from which it is lost before ejaculation.