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Gallup did not ask this social class question between 2009 and 2011, and therefore it is possible the 2012-2015 dip in middle-class identification was evident earlier, following the 2008 financial meltdown and its aftermath.
As a result, Samuel argues, middle-class people have been in constant crisis through which they have fought to survive as a class in a society mostly defined by "a small but powerful upper class and a large, weak underclass" (161).
The Middle Pyramid: Dynamics of the Middle Class in Africa' found that the number of middle-class Africans had tripled over the space of three decades to 313m.
To gauge the health of middle-class America, the poll revived a series of questions about middle-class identity from 1998.
Strong majorities of Americans and those who self-identify as middle class agree that life for middle-class Americans has gotten worse over the past 10 years and that more people have fallen out of the middle class than have earned their way into it.
Looking ahead, an even greater elevation in income growth is anticipated in the next 15 years; between 2014 and 2030, we expect an additional 14 million middle-class households will be added across the 11 focal countries - tripling the current number.
Standard Bank senior political economist Simon Freemantle, author of the report, said the new report is cause for optimism among investors as it suggests even greater scope for future growth, and indeed the report forecasts acceleration in the accumulation of middle-class households in Africa.
Say the authors, "Today, middle-class citizens belonging to different communities share not only specific cultural traits through their involvement with formal education and commodity consumption but [also], more often than not, aspirations for a distinctly urban lifestyle" (p.
Part II purports to examine "Labor Professionalization, Class Formation and State Rule," doing so in an eclectic selection of essays that discuss middle-class constituents as varied as Mexican agronomists in the 1920s, social service workers in Colombia in the 1950s and 60s, social reformers in colonial Bombay, and folk dancers in 20th-century America.
Contract notice: Upper-middle class and middle-class passenger car rental in the kingdom.
India has a small middle-class range, but the country has the 14th largest middle-class spending power in the world due to the size of its population, a similar scale of overall spending to that of Canada or Spain.
Consumer spending in developing countries has been increasing at about three times the rate in advanced countries, and we're not just seeing a growing demand for necessities, but also for middle-class staples such as meat, toothpaste, cell phones, and air-conditioners.