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While Jews were not a special focus of any of their studies, Jews, either as critics themselves or as pointed examples, were clear participants in the new paradigms and anxieties of American middle-classness.
Postwar social critics such as Vance Packard, William Whyte, David Riesman, Betty Friedan, and Max Lerner (the last three Jewish) constructed middle-classness as a trope for America's cultural deficits.
37) According to Riesman, other-directedness was the dominant characteristic of the American middle class and set the patterns--and problems--of middle-classness.
49) Individualism and distinctiveness were the antidotes to mob power and amoral society, yet both Whyte and Packard acknowledged that the success of American middle-classness was in its massiveness and the common culture it offered Americans, no matter where they came from or how they worshipped.
Middle-classness offered innumerable advantages for Jews, including material comfort and a sense of security about their lives in the United States.