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Results from respondents who were administered a multi-item scale regarding their uniqueness-seeking in dressing show that adolescents' tendency is middlemost.
Each measure is translated into the middlemost value of the series, plus or minus so many Q-Vars.
Lying in bed, lost in abstraction, in great disquiet and even 'greater fever, Hershl Toker saw opposite him in the middle of the barrack the small lamp suspended on a short wire from the middlemost beam.
An Audi TT was entered by unknown means and a briefcase, bank cards, cash and driving licence stolen as the car was parked on Middlemost Close on October 13 during the evening.
2] de Middlemost (1985), las muestras analizadas del GRM se encuentran dentro del campo de las cuarzo-monzonitas por su contenido en Si[O.
He was the son of Mark Stokes, of Greenhill Bank, New Mill, and worked at Messrs Middlemost in Birkby.
Elsewhere, there were reports of flooding in parts of Brighouse and firefighters were called to help threatened homes in Middlemost Close, Birkby, after a pond over-flowed.
Firefighters spent four-and-a-half hours battling the flood waters at Middlemost Close in Birkby.
P Akhtar, first floor side and two storey rear |extensions and demolition of conservatory, 2 Middlemost Close, Birkby.
Mr P Akhtar, erection of first floor side and two |storey rear extensions and demolition of conservatory, 2 Middlemost Close, Birkby.
The team were sent to Middlemost Pond near Old Halifax Road to assist detectives to search the area.