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In fact Goths or the Teutons were the nearest barbarian elements to the borders of Romanian Empire, thus they spread in the first and second century in the midmost of Europe and its east through the Rhine and Danube, but the first home for the Goths elements was the lands around the Baltic ocean.
The expressions "the close garden," "within," and "in the midmost of her youth" create imaginary barriers around the precious woman.
'Tis as in midmost us there glows a sphere Translucent, molten gold, that is the "I" And into this some form projects itself: Christus, or John, or eke the Florentine; And as the clear space is not if a form's Imposed thereon, So cease we from all being for the time, And these, the Masters of the Soul, live on.
The device has two versions: one with mid-scale preset (XRESET) which is used to force output to its midmost value, and one with the possibility to set output low reference voltage (VREFL), which is useful in pursuing maximum resolution with limited output voltage range.
Pound plays faster and looser than Giles with the poem's content, which seems to contradict, for instance, the idea that the mistress is "in the midmost of her youth." But Pound, unlike Giles, manages to retain the double characters that begin each line.
Jung quotes the opinion of the alchemist Johannes Bracheschus of Brixen, a contemporary of Paracelsus, for whom Mars was synonymous with the '"Daemogorgon," "ancestor of all the gods of the Gentiles." "Surrounded on all sides by thick clouds and darkness, he walks in the midmost bowels of the earth, and is there hidden ...
Maren-Sofie Rostvig, for example, has suggested that its structural pattern is 10 + 75 + 12 where the 75 central stanzas are comprised of three groups of 25 stanzas.(1) Expanding on her suggestions, Douglas Brooks-Davies has drawn attention to the numerological significance of the whole poem's midmost stanza, the 49th, where the mowers begin scything the grass to create a lane that recalls the crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites.(2) This middle stanza, as Brooks-Davies rightly points out, marks the divide between the first half dealing with the Fairfaxes, the house and gardens and the largely contemplative second half.
In recent years the question has once again disturbed the academy and provoked war in the heaven of our "right little, tight little island" set (as William Morris imagined) "midmost the beating of the steely sea."(3) (For our world is a kind of Blue Closet and children's world.
His characterization of Guido as a "midmost blotch of black / Discernible in this group of clustered crimes," of the whole Franceschini family as a series of "abortions," of Violante as an "unmotherly mother and unwomanly woman," and of the charges against Caponsacchi as not only a "consummate lie" but also an "unmanly simulation of a sin" is language unfitting his office and the solemn sentence he is about to pronounce (10.
Enbridge is in the midmost of a major expansion of its pipeline network, which carries the bulk of Canada's crude exports to the USA, to accommodate rising production from Alberta and North Dakota's shale oilfields and to move that oil to new markets on the Gulf Coast of America.
I kindled a great fire within my mind, and threw in the material--as Aaron threw the gold of the Israelites into the furnace--and, in the midmost heat, uprose Cleopatra, as you see her"(4:127).