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His Highness expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Midpoint, the Ministry of Labour and Tamkeen for their good organising of the seminar which attracted large numbers of Bahraini youths, and aspired to continuity of such seminars which benefit to Bahraini youths.
As a result, the spot market began systematically trading in a range weaker than the midpoint in March as the central bank used the midpoint to brake the slide.
For any tetrahedron, the three segments joining the midpoints of opposite edges, themselves have a common midpoint: the centre of the tetrahedron.
4) This theorem states that the segment connecting the midpoints of two sides of a triangle (midsegment) is parallel to and one half as long as the third side.
The first proxy we consider is the standard deviation of quote midpoints.
We also investigated whether the two groups differed significantly in their preference for the scale midpoint.
THE pair propose a new term, quasi-arbitrage or quarb, which they define as "the setting of a price by one company that is everywhere outside the midpoint of the spreads of all market-makers combined.
Next ask students to find ways to locate the midpoints of the sides of their squares.
In addition, the midpoint of this range appeared to be consistent with continued progress toward price stability.
93 percent against the dollar based on Monday's midpoint.
The difference between the midpoints of these firms' mini-performance spreads divided by 17 is between 0.
For the year 1988, M2 expanded at a rate a little below and M3 at a rate around the midpoint of the Committee's ranges.