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The visualization of the CSF flow through the fenestration was possible by use of both sequences, FISP 2D 40/17, and FISP 2D 30/70 in midsagittal plane.
Anteroposterior diameter of foramen magnum--maximum internal length of the foramen magnum along the midsagittal plane, from opisthion to basion (25).
An 8 x 10-inch or 10 x 12-inch nongrid film cassette is placed on the tabletop beneath the affected knee and the central ray is directed 40[degrees] to 45[degrees] caudally and 40[degrees] to 45[degrees] laterally from the midsagittal plane.
Therefore, we can assume that a two-dimensional model projected on the central plane, which is a midsagittal plane, of the human body would simulate the realistic vibration behavior of the human body.
Focus on the midsagittal plane, instead of the oblique plane.