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Italian action hero Franco Nero, Egyptian Hollywood actor Amr Waked, Syrian actor and filmmaker Gassan Masoud, veteran Egyptian director Ali Badrakhan and a bevy of stars and filmmakers will attend Miff.
The Victorian Coalition Government has funded a program through the State Budget that will deliver four stand-alone regional weekends and the screening of high-profile MIFF Premiere Fund films.
Miff and Kath are welcome additions to the Effective team as we develop those services for the benefits of our clients and our future growth."
Khazaie pointed to 12th MIFF's message as "insight, awareness and glory" and added regarding the length of the festival this would be the broadest film festival in Iran after Islamic revolution.
This year was his first time participating in MIFF, while last year he won an encouragement award at the Omani Film Concourse.
The fest's other major industry initiative is the MIFF Premiere Fund.
On 8 November, the European Commission is scheduled to present the Multi-Annual Indicative Financial Framework (MIFF) - a proposal for financial allocations for years 2008-2010 of the new Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) to Turkey, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.
The 9th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), held in India's home of Bollywood, saw increased foreign participation with more than 600 films from 35 countries.
Inspiring works of 10 budding young filmmakers from around the world were chosen as finalists to the 7th Manhattan International Film Festival (MIFF), an annual cultural initiative of the World Youth Alliance (WYA), a global organization that acknowledges directors committed to exploring the depth of human condition.
The Egyptian movie "Yomeddine" cast - File CAIRO -- 8 August 2018: Egyptian movie "Yomeddine" will be presented at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) on Aug.
Muscat: The 10th Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF) came to a close amid much fanfare on Saturday.