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There might be Trekkies who're miffed the Pope didn't speak in Vulcan, but even Mr Spock would think that was a little nemuyauk (sad)
In the absence of a vicar Jill has been helping out visiting parishioners, but was rather miffed when she returned home early to find Phil out with Heather who had brought round some home-made marmalade.
He cannot understand the price and is also miffed that the club has not given him a contract to match his sky-high valuation.
Immense amounts of money were squandered, reputations were tarnished, and the consumer was left, as is so often the case, chagrined, puzzled, shortchanged, miffed.
The doctors and nurses were subsequently miffed, Harry reports, when they found out he was "only a reporter.
It also satisfies his penchant for decontextualizing the texts he teaches and writes about; he admits to being miffed when he had "to contend with helpful teaching assistants who ran off copies of 'On My First Son' for the students" in his introductory classes at Berkeley, "to get .
Pena was miffed at Mahuad's efforts to reign in the supertinency's power to supervise banks.
Well, not as miffed as anybody trying to find someone who backed EastEnders.
They are no different than an apartment house owner," insisted one miffed multi-family owner, who noted that they have to put up with all kinds of city and state regulations and capped rents while the single-family homeowners can charge as much as they want and pay much, much less in taxes.
He and others were reportedly miffed upon learning that the researchers had withheld from the RAC certain data so as not to jeopardize their publication in a major scientific journal.
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India], January 30 (ANI): Miffed with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav's behaviour, General Secretary and spokesperson of the party Ashok Sinha on Tuesday resigned.
The fashion giant was apparently miffed that 17-year-old model Cora Corre chose a skiing holiday over being in her Red Label show.