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In the absence of a vicar Jill has been helping out visiting parishioners, but was rather miffed when she returned home early to find Phil out with Heather who had brought round some home-made marmalade.
Pena was miffed at Mahuad's efforts to reign in the supertinency's power to supervise banks.
Well, not as miffed as anybody trying to find someone who backed EastEnders.
They are no different than an apartment house owner," insisted one miffed multi-family owner, who noted that they have to put up with all kinds of city and state regulations and capped rents while the single-family homeowners can charge as much as they want and pay much, much less in taxes.
He and others were reportedly miffed upon learning that the researchers had withheld from the RAC certain data so as not to jeopardize their publication in a major scientific journal.
I'm a bit miffed about the album category, but beggars can't be choosers and I am a beggar.
Sam didn't seem too pleased leased e he before to be interrupted Sam miffed intervention could work his charm.
Katrina was apparently miffed at not getting any award while her contemporaries, including Kareena Kapoor, walked away with the trophies.
After watching Carlton Cole give his side a first-minute lead only for Santi Cazorla to equalise before half time, Curbishley said: "I feel a bit miffed because we stayed up the year before and got mid-table last year, but nothing surprises me in football any more.
Other elected officials were miffed that Delgadillo was trying to one-up them.
Passenger Eric Harmer, travelling with his wife, son and 83-year-old father, said: 'We are miffed, to say the least.
Readers may recall that just into 2006 we reported that Boeing had won more orders in the previous year than Airbus, and then was somewhat miffed to learn that the facts were wrong and that in fact Airbus claimed to lead (although not in revenue terms).