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Christian Hosoi conducted the service and preached mightily.
Isaac Backus, noted eighteenth-century Baptist pastor, historian, and church-state separationist, struggled mightily over how to deal with the Standing Order, or state church of New England, that tended to persecute nonconformist Baptists and others who opposed infant baptism and refused to obtain licenses to preach or pay church taxes.
Although the plot ostensibly centers on David's quest to unearth his genealogy, which consists of rapacious land barons with no interest in or sympathy for working class people, the true theme is his coming of age and trying mightily not to follow in their footsteps.
His vehicle for this undertaking is the nagging problem surrounding gentrification and entrepreneurialism, themes that have impinged mightily on English society as well as historiography.
1924, a tiny black-and-white image by Tina Modotti in the Modotti/Weston show that was concurrently on view in the upstairs gallery, has more presence than any of Chadwick's colorful, outsize photographs, its blossoms pressing mightily against the paper's four edges and the plane that would isolate them from real space.
Microsoft also has struggled mightily with the transition to size, as evidenced by the government's antitrust case.
Given the opportunity, about half of 18-to-30-month-old children will sometimes try mightily to climb into a toy car no bigger than a toaster, to sit in a dollhouse chair, or to glide down a teeny plastic slide, a new study of child behavior has found.
It would be unjust to level against them a general charge of neglect--most of these women (and some men) are sacrificing mightily to do their duty and show their love.
Yes, the Land Rover wobbles precariously when corners are tight but that's more than made up for by the smell of a dozen cows in the interior, a boot the size of Wales and the sheer comfort of riding high and mightily handsome.
The good news: MSNBC fired him, but then congratulated itself too mightily.
Finland is a prosperous, beautiful and friendly country--and one where I still struggled mightily to find decaffeinated coffee after the evening meal.
Sawyer, the former Nixon speechwriter with the ice-blue gaze, might have fared more mightily interviewing someone with less on the ball.