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The inimicality of the wilderness returns because the landscape is now imbued with the mightiness of the bear, which is "too big for the dogs which tried to bay it, for the horses which tried to ride it down, for the men and the bullets they fired into it; too big for the very country which was its constricting scope" (185).
In the Eocene and Oligocene epodhst there basins were filled with brown coal, forming altogether four seams of different mightiness and quality of the lignite (Eissmann 1994).
Record Sport's Mr Fixit can sleep soundly in the knowledge his mantle of mightiness is unlikely to be snatched away by the Three Lions cheerleader.
Van Berckel "be received as Minister Plenipotentiary from their High Mightiness the States General of the United Netherlands, and that agreeably to his request he be admitted to a public audience in Congress").
The overwhelming mightiness of the object and the disproportionate weakness of the subject pushes the tragedy to the extreme.
The plot is intertwined with two witnesses "ready to accuse him \ Of treason done against your mightiness,And then he shall be doomed by marshal law" (IV.
Yet IRGC's Commander Gen Muhammad Ali Ja'fari said: "The grandeur and mightiness of our country's armed forces is a deterrent element against enemies' recent aggressions and threats".
Washington did have a regal air, and once even thought of calling himself, or rather having himself called, "His High Mightiness," etc.
When praising the melon, he says, "even lishou, sweet and delicious, cannot be compared with the rarity and mightiness of [melons from] the eastern country" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (14) The reference to "the eastern country" evokes Zhao Pingi the former Duke of Dongling in Qin [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], who once planted sweet melons at the eastern gate of Chang'an after the Qin were defeated (Sima 1998: 53.
They pledge allegiance and denounce, and renew the aura of your mightiness.
The regime of al-Saud should know that our war with them will happen for as long as they maintain their disbelief, oppression, mightiness and belligerence against the religion of the Almighty, and that the heads of this regime and its henchmen are legitimate targets for the mujahideen," SITE quoted the statement as saying.
It is the unseen parts of the instrument that earn it a true mightiness designation: workings that stand two stories high, including 2,400 pipes from pencil size to 16 feet tall, all hidden in two chambers behind the walls of the theater.